Mentoring Blog: Sharing What Works

For over a decade, I was the manager, administrator or primary consultant on various large corporate mentoring programs.

I would interview all the prospective Mentors and Mentees, match them and follow up.  I was striving to ensure the participants achieved the organization’s goals for the program. It was a lot of work!

Needless to say, I learned a lot about human nature, communication styles, job-related worldviews, employee engagement and why the chemistry of the mentor/mentee match is the most important aspect of the mentoring program.

My clients also had great success and mentors came back wanting more.  I wanted to expand my services to more clients and to find a broader audience.  This meant finding a way to leverage my intuition about matching Mentors and Mentees.

With the help of a great tech team, we have converted my learning and intuition into a matching algorithm, trademarked as WisdomShare®.  The rest of the software package includes coaching and reminders for the Mentors, reports for the program Administrators, tools for communication with the program participants, and an easy way to customize the program for on-boarding, ERG/BRG, talent development, etc.  (Keeping the software easy to use is a passion – I remember my time challenges Mentor Program Administrator!)

I have a great team which includes internal and external coaches who can speak on mentoring or coach specific groups of employees.  Mentor Resources is a Woman-owned Small Business.

This blog is our attempt to share our ideas and experience with the rest of the world.  My goal is to be of service, by sharing my twenty years of mentoring experience and insights, so that others
can be more effective.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us,

Kim Wise, CEO


2 Responses to “Mentoring Blog: Sharing What Works”

  1. Praveena Padiyar Says:

    Hi Kim,

    I am an employee in a Software Start up. Recently our company realized that mentoring resources is way to success by retaining best talents. I have been assigned with couple of resources from our team and since it is a first time I am doing it… I was wondering if you can share some tips while mentoring the resources.

    Most of the resources assigned to me are new to the industry and just out with a college degrees.

    Any help will help!


  2. Kim Wise Says:

    Hello Praveena,

    Thank you for your question!

    We know that employees will work harder, have better morale and create more success for your organization if they feel empowered. If you can give them the opportunity to set goals for the partnership- what they’d like to learn from you- they’ll feel in charge of their career and this will increase their loyalty.

    Be sure that you can show them a clear road map. You’ll want to show them where you are starting, what you’ll be covering, where you’ll end up and why you are working with them.

    You may be interested in a download on our website entitled Loyalty and Success thgough Mentoring. You can find it here:

    Best of success in your partnership!

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