About Mentor Resources

Kim Wise, the founder of Mentor Resources, has been matching Mentors and Mentees for over a decade. Over time, it became obvious that a Great Match creates better results from a Mentoring Program.

Mentor Resources was founded on the idea that a Great Match could be found using software.  Today, Mentor Resources is the premier provider of tools for formal Mentoring Programs.

WisdomShare®, our matching algorithm, is based on Ms. Wise’ experience.  In addition to job experience and work skills, the software evaluates over a dozen personality characteristics to find a Great Match.

The goal of any Mentoring Program is to speed up the process of Sharing What Works. We believe that the Mentee will accept advice and adopt strategies from a Mentor more quickly if they have similar strengths and communication styles. Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the Mentees in programs which use WisdomShare® for matching report being well matched with the Mentor.

The web-based software has been designed for ease of use by the Human Resource Department or the Program Administrator.  The software integrates seamlessly with your existing Intranet.

Our client list and references include some of the largest companies in the United States, Professional Organizations and Colleges.

Please contact us for more information at  +1-415-380-0918.


2 Responses to “About Mentor Resources”

  1. Nancy Leonard Says:

    Hi Kim!

    Just registering to see the process you have in place today.

    Look forward to speaking with you soon!


  2. Thor-Erik Gulliksen Says:

    Hi, my name is Thor-Erik Gulliksen and I write about mentoring on my blog http://www.mentorguru.info. My wishes is to put mentoring even more on the agenda and how implement it to peoples personal development and also for companies development.

    I have been working with mentoring for over 10 years both in Norway and outside in other countries. My experience is both from universities and companies, and in the start I had mentoring programs together with Junior Chamber International (where I am a senator, it´s to honor the achievements of an outstanding Member for my dedication and contributions to JCI) and Junior Achievement.

    I am looking for the 25 best mentoring blogs for 2011. I have been reading a lot at your blog and find it to be one of the candidates for “Best Mentoring Blog 2011”.

    Some of the criteria are: Most useful information about mentoring, best on mentoring tools and easiest tools to implement in every days life. And the voting will be on my blog.

    Further I want to write some about your blog on my blog and present you as a candidate. I also hope that you would write an guest article on my blog, with a topic that you decide.

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